Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2007

Measuring Synch

The easiest way to measure the synchronization of the cameras involved using my turntable with a corresponding scale:

Setting the turntable to 45rmp means that a deviation of 10 degrees corresponds to a time-difference of 0,037 seconds.

Here is the first test shot:

The time-difference is aproximately 0,015 seconds although the second camera has received some flash from the first.

What you also see is a significant deviation in the vertical direction, which means I have to adjust the rig accordingly. Time to work on the next post ... ;-)


wbloos hat gesagt…

too complicated - much easier and more precise is using this camera sync tester:
the only "problam" might be finding a working CRT monitor...


uweg hat gesagt…

Hi Werner,

the problem you describe was the crucial one: I don't have a CRT monitor ;-)

The "precision" (if you really want to call it that way) of course is not much more than maybe 0,01 seconds, but since the synch difference of the cameras appear to be in that order of magnitude I do not need to get more precise.

Thanks for your comment (and the link!).

Best regards
- Uwe