Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2008

3D Digital Stereo Ixus 55 (Part 3: Building the Rig)

The original idea was to make a stereo camera that can be used more or less like an ordinary point and shoot camera. An important goal therefore was to design a rig that does not add unnecessary size and weight to the cameras. Using ready-made parts from a local DIY-shop I build the following rig:

The cameras are then attached using standard 1/4" screws:

Did I forget something important???

Oh yes ;-) one of the standard parts from the DIY-shop was small hinge, so you can fold the rig and the camera will fit nicely into a small camera bag:

To ensure that the rig is stable when unfolded, I used some small magnets which are place within the hinge as you can see on the following picture:

The magnets are not actually glued in yet, because the current rig is still a prototype where the vertical alignment of the cameras is not good enough yet. Since the price of the two angles and the hinge is just a little more than 1 Euro I bought some more parts to be able to experiment a little ...

So this is the current design when everything is completely assembled:

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